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Our Little Swiss Cousin by Wade

50A story of the time of Christ

New illustrated edition, uniform with the Little Colonel Books, 1 vol., large 12mo, cloth decorative $1.50

A story of the time of Christ, which is one of the author's best-known books, and which has been translated into many languages, the last being Italian.

=Asa Holmes=; OR, AT THE CROSS-ROADS. A sketch of Country Life and Country Humor. By ANNIE FELLOWS JOHNSTON. With a frontispiece by Ernest Fosbery.

Large 16mo, cloth, gilt top $1.00

"'Asa Holmes; or, At the Cross-Roads' is the most delightful, most sympathetic and wholesome book that has been published in a long while. The lovable, cheerful, touching incidents, the descriptions of persons and things, are wonderfully true to nature."--_Boston Times._


Square 12mo, cloth decorative, illustrated by A. B. Shute $1.50

Here is a book which will grip and enthuse every boy reader. It is the story of a party of typical American lads, courageous, alert, and athletic, who spend a summer camping on an island off the Maine coast.

"The best boys' book since 'Tom Sawyer.'"--_San Francisco Examiner._

justify;"> "Henry Burns, the hero, is the 'Tom Brown' of America."--_N. Y. Sun._

=The Rival Campers Afloat=; OR, THE PRIZE YACHT VIKING. By RUEL P. SMITH, author of "The Rival Campers."

Square 12mo, cloth decorative, illustrated $1.50

This book is a continuation of the adventures of "The Rival Campers" on their prize yacht _Viking_. Every reader will be enthusiastic over the adventures of Henry Burns and his friends on their sailing trip. They have a splendid time, fishing, racing, and sailing, until an accidental collision results in a series of exciting adventures, culminating in a mysterious chase, the loss of their prize yacht, and its recapture by means of their old yacht, _Surprise_, which they raise from its watery grave.

=The Young Section-hand=; OR, THE ADVENTURES OF ALLAN WEST. By BURTON E. STEVENSON, author of "The Marathon Mystery," etc.

12mo, cloth, illustrated by L. J. Bridgman $1.50

Mr. Stevenson's hero is a manly lad of sixteen, who is given a chance as a section-hand on a big Western railroad, and whose experiences are as real as they are thrilling.

"It appeals to every boy of enterprising spirit, and at the same time teaches him some valuable lessons in honor, pluck, and perseverance."--_Cleveland Plain Dealer._

=The Young Train Despatcher.= By BURTON E. STEVENSON, author of "The Young Section-hand," etc.

Square 12mo, cloth decorative, illustrated $1.50

A new volume in the "Railroad Series," in which the young section-hand is promoted to a train despatcher. Another branch of railroading is presented, in which the young hero has many chances to prove his manliness and courage in the exciting adventures which befall him in the discharge of his duty.

=Jack Lorimer.= By WINN STANDISH.

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