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A Portraiture of Quakerism, Volume 1 by Clarkson

Against that of the names of the days and months


_Excommunication or disowning--nature of disowning as a punishment_.



SECT. I.--_Dress--extravagance of the dress of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries--plain manner in which the grave and religious were then habited--the Quakers sprang out of these_.

SECT. II.--_Quakers carried with them their plain dresses into their new society--extravagance of the world continuing, they defined the objects of dress as a Christian people--at length incorporated it into their discipline--hence their present dress is only a less deviation from that of their ancestors, than that of other people_.

SECT. III.--_Objections of the world to the Quaker dress--those examined--a comparison between the language of Quakerism and of Christianity on this subject--opinion of the early Christians upon it._


_Furniture--the Quakers use plain furniture--reasons for their singularities in this respect._


SECT. I.--_Language--Quakers have altered the common language--substitution of Thou for You--reasons for this change--opinions of many learned men concerning it._

style="text-align: justify;">SECT. II.--_Various other alterations made--as in titled of address--and of honour--reasons for these changes._

SECT. III.--_Another alteration--as in the names of the days and the months--reasons for this change--various new phrases also introduced._

SECT. IV.--_Objections by the world against the alteration of Thou for You._

SECT. V.--_Against that of titles of address and honour._

SECT. VI.--_Against that of the names of the days and months._

SECT. VIII.--_Advantages and disadvantages of these alterations by the Quaker language._


_Address--common personal gestures or worldly ceremonies of address forbidden--no exception in favour of royalty--reasons against the disuse of these._


_Manners and conversation--hospitality and freedom in Quakers' houses--their conversation more limited than that of others--subjects of conversation examined in our towns--and in the metropolis--extraordinary circumstance that takes place occasionally in the company of the Quakers._


_Customs before meals--ancients made an oblation to Vesta--moderns have substituted grace--account of a Quaker-grace._

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