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The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 — Volume 17 of

And Auditor Licentiate Andres Alcaraz of military affairs


de Silva_--Native of Trujillo, and knight of the Order of Santiago; arrives in Manila April (Easter), 1609; brings reenforcements of five companies; victory over Wittert, April 25 (San Antonio says 24), 1610; arrival of fourth archbishop, Diego Vazquez de Mercado, June 4, 1610; fruitless expedition against Dutch, 1611; expedition in conjunction with Portuguese against Dutch, February 4, 1616-April 19, 1616; death, April 19, 1616; Audiencia governs during absence; term as governor, April, 1609-April 19, 1616.

_Vacant_--The Audiencia takes charge of political affairs, and Auditor Licentiate _Andres Alcaraz_ of military affairs, as substitute for Jeronimo (uncle of Juan) de Silva, who is appointed governor (_ad interim_) in case of Juan de Silva's death, by royal decree of March 20 (Delgado) or 28 (San Antonio), 1616 (Alcaraz having been left in charge by Juan de Silva on his departure to Malaca); return of fleet, June 1, 1616; Spielberg bombards Iloilo, September 29, 1616, and is defeated next day; his defeat at Playa Honda by Juan Ronquillo, April 14, 1617; Jeronimo de Silva arrives from Maluco and takes charge of military affairs, September 30, 1617; Audiencia governs (after Juan de Silva's death), April 19, 1616-June 8 (Delgado), 1618.

_Alonso Fajardo y Tenza_--Native of Murcia, knight of the Order of Alcantara, and seigneur of Espinardo; arrives at Cavite, July 2, 1618, and takes charge of government on the

day following (but June 8 is the erroneous date given by Buzeta and Bravo); foundation of convent of Santa Clara, August-November 1, 1621; kills wife for adultery, 1621; checks insurrection in the Visayas, 1623; death from melancholy, July 11 (Delgado) or before July 23, 1624; term as governor, July 3, 1618-July, 1624.

_Vacant_--The Audiencia takes charge of political affairs, and _Jeronimo de Silva_ of military affairs at death of Fajardo; Silva imprisoned by Audiencia for failure to pursue Dutch whom he puts to flight near Playa Honda, 1624; Audiencia governs, July, 1624-June, 1625.

_Fernando de Silva_--Native of Ciudad-Rodrigo, knight of the Order of Santiago, and former ambassador to Persia; appointed governor (_ad interim_) by viceroy of Mexico; arrives at Manila, June, 1625; term as governor, June 1625-June 29, 1626.

_Juan Nino de Tabora_--Native of Galicia, comendador of Puerto Llano, and knight of Order of Calatrava; master-of-camp in Flanders; arrives at Manila, June 29 (Retana, _Estadismo_, says wrongly July 29), 1626; despatches expedition against Moros, 1627-1630; builds Manila bridge and strengthens fortifications; death, July 22, 1632; term as governor, June 29, 1626-July 22, 1632.

_Vacant_--The Audienca takes charge of political affairs, and _Lorenzo de Olaza_ (or Olaso) of military affairs, being appointed by viceroy of Mexico; Audiencia governs July 22, 1632-about the middle of 1633.

_Juan Cerezo de Salamanca_--Appointed governor (_ad interim_) by viceroy of Mexico; expeditions against Moros, 1634-1635; term as governor, about middle of 1633-June 25, 1635.

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