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The Power of Mesmerism by Anonymous

And if possible to fuck and gamahuche her

Mabel also emitted at the same moment, so that Ethel was almost choked.

Mabel was now ready enough to join in whatever they wished, and every species of ingenuity conceivable was brought into requisition, in order to minister to their mutual gratification.

At last Frank retired to his own room, sleeping soundly till late in the morning, when he awoke with such an awful cockstand and such a feeling of insatiable lust that he could scarcely put his prick out of sight in his trousers and make a decent appearance at the breakfast table.

He easily persuaded his sister to join him in a warm bath, which Mabel was ordered to prepare at once, and then when they had entered it she was to lock herself in Ethel's bedroom so that the other servants might not by any accident discover what was taking place.

Entering the bath, they lay down side by side, and an exquisite feeling of languor overtook them.

Ethel's hand wandered over her brother's naked form beneath the water, and his was not idle.

Then rising, they stood facing each other, and slightly extending her thighs, her brother speedily placed his erect and throbbing prick within her. They commenced to fuck gently, fondling each other as they did so.

The convulsive spasms, however, speedily approached, and at the moment they mutually commenced to spend they sank down in the warm water. The beautiful warmth of the aromatic bath produced most delicious sensations flowing up their bottom-holes, as busy fingers worked excitedly to increase their lascivious abandon, while its action around their still more sensitive organs of generation caused them heavenly rapture.

The day before the return of their parents, Frank and Ethel were seated in the summer house mutually fondling each other's private parts, when Frank said that the desire he had long felt to see his mother's glorious nakedness, and if possible to fuck and gamahuche her, grew stronger every day, and he was resolved to try it by the aid of mesmerism.

Ethel, blushing deeply, was evidently much excited by the idea, and confessed that the same feeling with respect to her father had possessed her for some time.

"Then, my darling," continued her brother, "we will do it."

Mabel now entered, and stopped further conversation by frigging herself before them, while they also performed the same act for each other, after which they all returned to the house.

Mr. and Mrs. Etheridge arrived the next day about one o'clock. They embraced their children with great warmth, but little imagined the libidinous feelings their endearments produced on their children.

It will be well, before relating what subsequently took place, to glance at Ethel's school experiences, in order to understand her lustful desires and warm temperament.

The school in Paris at which she was placed was conducted by a lady of tall stature, Juno-like form, and a manner which, outwardly mild, concealed beneath it the fire of raging lust, which she gratified in a peculiar manner.

She received Ethel most kindly, and kissing her affectionately, consigned her to the care of a young lady some three or four years older, who would be her special companion and share her bed.

She was afterwards introduced to the other young ladies, and at once felt thoroughly at home.

When they retired for the night, Ethel's companion, Minette, insisted on helping her to undress, and although from a natural feeling of shyness Ethel did not like it much, she did not wish to appear ill-natured or ungrateful, so she permitted it.

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