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A Popular Schoolgirl by Angela Brazil




Illustrated by Balliol Salmon

New York Frederick A. Stokes Company Publishers Copyright, 1920, by Frederick A. Stokes Company All Rights Reserved First published in the United States of America, 1921

[Illustration: UNDER THE LANTERNS _Chapter XX_]


I. The End of the Holidays

II. Opening Day

III. Wynch-on-the-Wold

IV. Intruder Bess

V. The Fifth-form Fete

VI. The School Parliament

VII. Hockey

VIII. An Unpleasant Experience

IX. A Hostel Frolic

X. The Whispering Stones

XI. On Strike

XII. The Rainbow League

XIII. Quenrede Comes Out

XIV. The Peep-hole

XV. Brotherly Breezes

XVI. An Easter Pilgrimage

XVII. The Rivals

XVIII. Bess at Home

XIX. The Nun's Walk

XX. Under the Lanterns

XXI. The Abbey Recital


Under the Lanterns

"Let's Call ourselves the Foursome League"

A Friend in Need

"You look _nice_--you do, _really_, with your hair down"

"You may think you know everything, Bess Haselford, but you don't know this!"

A Tall Figure, clothed in some White Garment, was gliding towards them



The End of the Holidays

"Ingred! Ingred, old girl! I say, Ingred! Wherever have you taken yourself off to?" shouted a boyish voice, as its owner, jumping an obstructing gooseberry bush, tore around the corner of the house from the kitchen garden on to the strip of rough lawn that faced the windows. "Hullo! Cuckoo! Coo-ee! _In_-gred!"

"I'm here all the time, so you needn't bawl!" came in resigned tones from under the shade of a large fuchsia. "You're enough to wake the dead, Chumps! What is it you want now! It's too hot to go a walk till after tea. I'm trying to get ten minutes peace and quiet!"

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