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A Picture-book of Merry Tales by Anonymous


[Illustration: _The Dwarfs' Capers._]

[Illustration: Title Page]

A Picture-Book OF Merry Tales.

_London: Bosworth and Harrison, 215, Regent Street._


Page I. The Birth of Owlglass, and how he was thrice baptized 1

II. How all the People of the Village, both Men and Women, made complaints of young Owlglass; and how, whilst on horseback with his Father, without his knowledge, he made game of them all 5

III. How Owlglass crept into a Beehive; and how, when two Thieves came in the night to steal it, he managed to set them quarrelling, so that they came to blows and left the Hive behind them 10

IV. How Owlglass ate a roasted Fowl off the spit, and did only half Work 15

V. How Owlglass was forbidden the Duchy of Luneburgh, and bought himself Land of his own 19

VI. Of the manner in which Owlglass paints a Picture for the Count of Hessen, and how he persuades him that those of base birth could not see the Painting 23

VII. How, at Erfurt, Owlglass taught a Donkey to read 29

VIII. How Owlglass brought it about that the Watch of Nurenberg fell into the Water 33

IX. How Owlglass appears as Dentist and Doctor 37

X. How Owlglass sells his Horse to a Jew, and on what Terms 41

XI. How Owlglass sells an Old Hat for more than its Weight in Gold 45

XII. How Owlglass, by means of a false Confession, cheated the Priest of Riesenburgh out of his Horse; and how he steals another Priest's Snuff-box 48

XIII. How a Bootmaker of Brunswick larded Owlglass's Boots; and how he was paid for doing so 56

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