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Pagan Origin of Partialist Doctrines by Pitrat

When the souls arrived they appeared before Lachesis


was present,' said he, 'when a soul asked another where was the great Ardiee. This Ardiee had tyrannized over a city of Pamphily a thousand years before; he had killed his father, who was an old man, and he was guilty, it was said, of many other atrocious crimes. He does not come, the soul answered, and he will never come here. We all have witnessed, in relation to him, the most dreadful spectacle. When we were about leaving the subterraneous abyss after our pains ended, we saw Ardiee, and a great number of others, the most of whom had been tyrants like himself; there were also others, who, though in a private condition, had been great criminals.

"'When those souls were about going out, the opening was closed; and whenever one of those wretched souls, whose crimes were irremissible, tried to get out of the abyss, she howled. Thereupon hideous and firelike beings came. They violently wrested away several of those criminals; then they seized Ardiee and others, tied their feet, their hands and their heads; and after throwing them on the ground and torturing them with lashes, they dragged them through bleeding thorns, telling the shadows which they met on their route the reason why they treated so those souls, and adding that they were going to throw them into the Tartarus. Those souls added, that of the various fears they had on the route none was so horrible as that of hearing that howl; and that it had been an inexpressible pleasure for them not

to have heard it when they were released from the abyss.

"'Behold what took place in regard to the judgments, tortures, and rewards. After each one of those souls had spent seven days in the meadow they left on the eighth, and arrived, after a march of four days, at a designated spot, wherefrom was seen a light crossing the heaven and the earth, as straight as a column, and similar to the rainbow, but brighter and purer. They reached this light in one day's march. There they saw that the extremities of the heaven meet at the middle of this light, which united them fast, and which embraced all the circumference of the heaven, in nearly the same manner as the beams which girdle the sides of galleys, and which bear their frame. At the extremities the spindle of Necessity hung, and determined the revolutions of the celestial spheres.'"

Here Her describes the spindle. This description we omit, for it does not relate to our subject.

Her continues:--

"'Near the spindle, and at equal distances, sat on thrones the three Parques, daughters of Necessity, Lachesis, Clotho, and Atropos, dressed in white, and their heads crowned with a bandelet. They united their chant to that of the Sirenes; Lachesis sung the past, Clotho the present, and Atropos the future. Clotho, now and then, touched the spindle with her right hand, and made it revolve externally. Atropos, with her left hand, impressed motion to each one of the interior whirls, and Lachesis, with both hands, touched now the spindle, and then the interior whirls. When the souls arrived they appeared before Lachesis. First a Hierophant assigned a rank to each one; then taking from the lap of Lachesis the fates and the various conditions of human life, he mounted on a high stand, and spake thus:--

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