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Pagan Origin of Partialist Doctrines by Pitrat

This genius first led her to Clotho


soul had chosen the condition of a lion; it was that of Ajax, son of Telamon, who, remembering the offense she had received in the judgments rendered about the arms of Achilles, refused to take again a human body. Then came the soul of Agamemnon, who, from antipathy against mankind on account of her past sufferings, chose the condition of an eagle. The soul of Atalante, desirous of the athletic honors, chose to be a champion. The soul of Epee, son of Panope, preferred the condition of a woman skillful in handiworks. The soul of the buffoon Thersite came one of the last, and entered the body of a monkey. There were, Her added, souls of animals which exchanged their condition against ours, and human souls which passed into bodies of beasts. The souls indistinctly passed from the bodies of animals into human bodies, and from human bodies into bodies of animals; those of the righteous into species of a higher order.

"When all the souls had chosen their new condition of existence, according to the rank determined by fate, they came to Lachesis in the same order. She gave to each one the genius of her choice, and this genius was to be her guardian during her mortal life, and was to aid her in the accomplishment of her destiny. This genius first led her to Clotho, who, with her hand, and with a revolution of the spindle confirmed the chosen destiny. When the soul had touched the spindle, the genius took her to Atropos, who rolled the thread in her fingers,

to render irrevocable what had been already spun by Clotho. After that, the soul proceeded to the throne of Necessity, under which the soul and her genius, or demon, passed together. When all had passed, they went to the plain of the Lethe river, where they were oppressed by an intense heat; for there was in this plain, neither tree nor shrub. The evening came and they spent the night near the river Ameles, whose water can be contained in no vessel. Every soul was obliged to drink some of its water. They fell asleep; but at about midnight the thunder roared, and all the souls suddenly waking up were dispersed, like shooting stars, towards the various places where they were to commence their new life.

"As to Her, he had been forbidden to drink of the water of the Lethe river; nevertheless, he knew not in what manner his soul had returned into his body, but having opened his eyes in the morning, he had seen that he was laying on a wood-pile.

"This tradition, my dear Glaucon, has been handed down to us; and if we believe it, it is very apt to save us; we will safely cross the Lethe river, and we will preserve our soul free from stain."

The reader has undoubtedly remarked the last sentence of this extract, which proves the antiquity of the doctrine of the transmigration of the souls. Burnet wrote, that it was so ancient and so universally spread in Egypt, Persia, India, and other countries of the Orient, that it seemed it had descended from heaven, and been believed by the first inhabitants of the earth. Herodote found it established in Egypt in the remotest ages. It was the basis of the theology of the Indians, and the subject of the celebrated Metamorphosis and incarnations of their legends. Metempsychosis has been immemorially believed in Japan, where the people, even in our days, according to Koempsfer, abstain from meat, and live exclusively upon fruits and vegetables. In Siam, where the Talapoins or monks hold it as a sacred dogma; in China by the Tao-See; also among the Kalbouls and the Mongols, and among the Thibetans, who admit that the souls pass even into the plants, into the trees, and even into the roots. However, the Thibetans believe that it is only by uniting to human bodies, that the souls can, after successive changes, be restored to their former purity.

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