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Pagan Origin of Partialist Doctrines by Pitrat

The twelve cantons of the Etruse league


America the Incas of Peru called themselves the sons of the sun: they dedicated temples and altars to this god, and had instituted feasts in his honor. The moon was associated to his worship, and was considered as the mother of all the sublunar productions; and as the spouse and sister of the sun. In Peru, the star Venus was adored, and also the meteors, the thunder, and Iris, or rainbow. Virgins had the care of keeping alive the perpetual fire. In Mexico the same religion existed. The inhabitants of the Isthmus of Panama, of Brazil, of Florida; the Indians of the coast of Cumana, the Floridians, Virginians, and the Canadians believed that there was a god in the heavens, and that this god was the sun, the spouse of the moon. They worshiped them as the two supreme causes which ruled the world.

The above historical facts lead us to the conclusion that the adoration of the vast body of nature, together with the great soul which was supposed to animate it; and of its principal parts or members, together with the multifarious emanations of the great soul, which was supposed to animate them, was the former and universal religion of mankind, before the coming of Jesus Christ. Therefore the heathens did not worship the idols themselves, to which they had given such and such forms to represent the objects of their adorations; but they worshiped what in their mind they represented, the universe taken collectively, as in the idol of Pan; and the universe

taken separately; namely, the important parts of the universe, as in their innumerable idols of the planets, stars, rivers, etc.

As we wish to leave no doubt in the minds of the reader in regard to the certainty of these two great facts, which are a key to the origin of the dogma of endless misery, and of others which we are to trace out, we will bring forth other proofs from the religious and political monuments of ancient peoples; from their celebrations, and from the opinions of their philosophers.

The famous labyrinth of Egypt was dedicated to the sun. It formed twelve palaces, representing the twelve signs of the Zodiac. There were in Heliopolis, or City of the Sun, twelve columns adorned with symbols relating to the elements, and to the twelve signs. These gigantic piles had a pyramidal shape to better represent the rays of the sun, and the form of his rising blaze. The statue of Apollo Agyeus was pyramidal. In Egypt, artists were not entrusted with determining the form of the images and statues of the gods. It was one of the prerogatives of the Hierophants, or priests, who were more familiar with astronomy. This fact explains why the number seven, which represented the number of planets, and the number twelve, which represented the number of the signs, were sacred numbers, and were reproduced under all kinds of forms. So the twelve altars of Janus; the twelve works of Hercules or sun; the twelve shields of Mars; the twelve brothers Arvaux; the twelve gods Consentes; the twelve rays of light; the twelve governors in the Manichean system; the twelve adeetyas of the Indians; the twelve azes of the Scandinaves; the twelve wards of the city planned by Plato; the four tribes of Athens subdivided into three _frateries_ according to Cecrops' division; the twelve cushions on which the creator sits, in the theogony of the Japanese; the twelve cantons of the Etruse league, and their twelve Lucumons, or chiefs of cantons; the confederation of the twelve cities of Ionia, and that of the twelve cities of Eolia; the twelve Tcheou into which Chun divided China; the twelve countries into which the Coreans divided the world; the twelve officers chosen to draw the coffin at the funeral of the King of Tunquin; the twelve horses; the twelve elephants, etc., used in that ceremony.

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