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Pagan Origin of Partialist Doctrines by Pitrat

And nuns have a virtue so much the more expiatory for sins


the Church of Rome is flooded with rituals prescribing ceremonies, rites, and practices, which have the virtue of purifying the soul, and of exempting the sinners from the punishment of their sins. The priests make towns, cities, and nations believe that they can be purified of their crimes, and be exempted of the punishment they deserve, by fasting, by going processionally to churches, or to chapels of saints and of the virgin Mary. The priests, the monks, the begging-friars, and even the nuns, go among the people; they pledge themselves to obtain the forgiveness of their sins, and the exemption from divine punishment, if they give them sums of money.

The priests of the Pagans offered expiatory sacrifices for the living and for the dead for money; so, in the Church of Rome, the priests offer the sacrifice of Mass for the expiation of the sins of the living and of the dead, if they are well paid. The Pagans believed that the foundation of temples, their endowment, and other gifts presented to the gods and to their priests, had an expiatory virtue. Socrates portrayed the unjust man in saying, that initiation to mysteries caused them to despise the Tartarus with all its torments. He made the following remark: "The apologist of injustice says, they frighten us with the threat of the pains of the Tartarus; but who ignores that we find in the initiations a remedy to that fear? They are a great resource to us; and they inform us that there are gods

who exempt us from the punishment deserved by crime. True, we have committed injustice, but injustice has been pecuniarily profitable to us. We are told that the gods are appeased by prayers, sacrifices, and offerings." Biache, one of the interlocutors in the Ezourvedam, said, that there is in the country called Magouodechan, a sacred spot, where, through some offerings, ancestors can be freed from the tortures of hell.

Likewise, the Church of Rome holds that the foundation of churches, of priest's houses, of monasteries, of convents, and of nunneries, and their endowment; or any other gift, presented to the saints, bishops, priests, monks, and nuns have a virtue so much the more expiatory for sins, as they are greater and more valuable. It is owing to this horrible doctrine, that the Church of Rome has acquired so much church property that its valuation is beyond any approximate calculation. The French poet, Boileau, spoke the truth when, in his ninth satire, he said:

"Si l'on vient a chercher pour quel secret mystere, Alidor, a ses frais, batit un monastere.... C'est un homme d'honneur, de piete profonde, Et qui veut rendre a Dieu ce qu'il a pris au monde."

_Translation_: "If we wish to inquire for what secret mystery Alidor, at his own expense, built a monastery.... He is a man of honor, of profound piety, and who wishes to restore to God what he stole from the world."

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