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Quotes and Images From The Works of Gilbert Parker

Produced by David Widger



A human life he held to be a trifle in the big sum of time

A heart-break for that kind is their salvation

A man may be forgiven for a sin, but the effect remains

A look too bright for joy, too intense for despair

A sort of chuckle not entirely pleasant

A man you could bank on, and draw your interest reg'lar

A left-handed boy is all right in the world

A cloak of words to cover up the real thought behind

Aboriginal in all of us, who must have a sign for an emotion

Aboriginal dispersion

Adaptability was his greatest weapon in life

Advantage to live where nothing was required of her but truth

After which comes steady happiness or the devil to pay (wedding)

Agony in thinking about the things we're never going to do

Ah, let it be soon! Ah, let him die soon!

Air of certainty and universal comprehension

All humour in him had a strain of the sardonic

All genius is at once a blessing or a curse

All the world's mad but thee and me

All men are worse than most women

All is fair where all is foul

All he has to do is to be vague, and look prodigious (Scientist)

All are hurt some time

Always hoping the best from the worst of us

Always calling to something, for something outside ourselves

An inner sorrow is a consuming fire

And even envy praised her

Anger was the least injurious of all grounds for separation

Answered, with the indifference of despair

Antipathy of the lesser to the greater nature

Antipathy of the man in the wrong to the man in the right

As if our penalties were only paid by ourselves!

At first--and at the last--he was kind

Ate some coffee-beans and drank some cold water

Audience that patronisingly listens outside a room or window

Awkward for your friends and gratifying to your enemies

Babbling covers a lot of secrets

Bad turns good sometimes, when you know the how

Begin to see how near good is to evil

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