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Quotes and Images From Memoirs of Cardinal De Retz

Produced by David Widger



By Cardinal de Retz

Always judged of actions by men, and never men by their actions

Always to sacrifice the little affairs to the greater

Arms which are not tempered by laws quickly become anarchy

Associating patience with activity

Assurrance often supplies the room of good sense

Blindness that make authority to consist only in force

Bounty, which, though very often secret, had the louder echo

Buckingham had been in love with three Queens

By the means of a hundred pistoles down, and vast promises

Civil war as not powerful enough to conclude a peace

Civil war is one of those complicated diseases

Clergy always great examples of slavish servitude

Confounded the most weighty with the most trifling

Contempt--the most dangerous disease of any State

Dangerous to refuse presents from one's superiors

Distinguished between bad and worse, good and better

Fading flowers, which are fragrant to-day and offensive tomorrow

False glory and false modesty

Fool in adversity and a knave in prosperity

Fools yield only when they cannot help it

Good news should be employed in providing against bad

He weighed everything, but fixed on nothing

He knew how to put a good gloss upon his failings

He had not a long view of what was beyond his reach

Help to blind the rest of mankind, and they even become blinder

His ideas were infinitely above his capacity

His wit was far inferior to his courage

Impossible for her to live without being in love with somebody

Inconvenience of popularity

Insinuation is of more service than that of persuasion

Is there a greater in the world than heading a party?

Kinds of fear only to be removed by higher degrees of terror

Laws without the protection of arms sink into contempt

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