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Quotes and Images From The Works of George Meredit

Produced by David Widger





George Meredith in 1893

The Sitting Room, Flint Cottage--May 18th 1909

Age 35

Age 68

Age 69

Age 72

Age 80

A lover must have his delusions, just as a man must have a skin

A madman gets madder when you talk reason to him

A night that had shivered repose

A dash of conventionalism makes the whole civilized world kin

A string of pearls: a woman who goes beyond that's in danger

A wound of the same kind that we are inflicting

A tear would have overcome him--She had not wept

A tragic comedian: that is, a grand pretender, a self-deceiver

A fleet of South-westerly rain-clouds had been met in mid-sky

A bone in a boy's mind for him to gnaw and worry

A kind of anchorage in case of indiscretion

A cloud of millinery shoots me off a mile from a woman

A woman's at the core of every plot man plotteth

A witty woman is a treasure; a witty Beauty is a power

A high wind will make a dead leaf fly like a bird

A kindly sense of superiority

A young philosopher's an old fool!

A bird that won't roast or boil or stew

A woman, and would therefore listen to nonsense

A male devotee is within an inch of a miracle

A great oration may be a sedative

A very doubtful benefit

A generous enemy is a friend on the wrong side

A woman is hurt if you do not confide to her your plans

A woman who has mastered sauces sits on the apex of civilization

A style of affable omnipotence about the wise youth

A maker of Proverbs--what is he but a narrow mind wit

A fortress face; strong and massive, and honourable in ruin

A dumb tongue can be a heavy liar

A common age once, when he married her; now she had grown old

A share of pity for the objects she despised

A woman rises to her husband. But a man is what he is

A stew's a stew, and not a boiling to shreds

A marriage without love is dishonour

A plunge into the deep is of little moment

A sixpence kindly meant is worth any crown-piece that's grudged

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