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Quiet Talks on Prayer by S. D. Gordon

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Quiet Talks on Prayer


S. D. Gordon

Copyright, 1904, by Fleming H. Revell Company


I. The Meaning and Mission of Prayer 1. Prayer the Greatest Outlet of Power 2. Prayer the Deciding Factor in a Spirit Conflict 3. The Earth, the Battle-Field in Prayer 4. Does Prayer Influence God?

II. Hindrances to Prayer 1. Why the Results Fail 2. Why the Results are Delayed 3. The Great Outside Hindrance

III. How to Pray 1. The "How" of Relationship 2. The "How" of Method 3. The Listening Side of Prayer 4. Something about God's Will in Connection with Prayer 5. May We Pray with Assurance for the Conversion of Our Loved Ones

IV. Jesus' Habits of Prayer 1. A Pen Sketch 2. Dissolving Views 3. Deepening Shadows 4. Under the Olive Trees 5. A Composite Picture

I. The Meaning And Mission Of Prayer

1. Prayer the Greatest Outlet of Power. 2. Prayer the Deciding Factor in a Spirit Conflict. 3. The Earth, the Battle-Field in Prayer. 4. Does Prayer Influence God?

Prayer the Greatest Outlet of Power

Five Outlets of Power.

A great sorrow has come into the heart of God. Let it be told only in hushed voice--one of His worlds is _a prodigal_! Hush your voice yet more--_ours_ is that prodigal world. Let your voice soften down still more--_we_ have _consented_ to the prodigal part of the story. But, in softest tones yet, He has won some of us back with His strong tender love. And now let the voice ring out with great gladness--we won ones may be the pathway back to God for the others. That is His earnest desire. That should be our dominant ambition. For that purpose He has endowed us with peculiar power.

There is one inlet of power in the life--anybody's life--any kind of power: just one inlet--the Holy Spirit. He is power. He is in every one who opens his door to God. He eagerly enters every open door. He comes in by our invitation and consent. His presence within is the vital thing.

But with many of us while He is in, He is not in control: in as guest; not as host. That is to say He is hindered in His natural movements; tied up, so that He cannot do what He would. And so we are not conscious or only partially conscious of His presence. And others are still less so. But to yield to His mastery, to cultivate His friendship, to give Him full swing--that will result in what is called power. One inlet of power--the Holy Spirit in control.

There are five outlets of power: five avenues through which this One within shows Himself, and reveals His power.

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