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Quotes and Images from Christopher Columbus

Produced by David Widger



By Filson Young

A man standing on the sea-shore

Absent for a little time, and his organisation went to pieces

All days, however hard, have an evening, and all journeys an end

Amerigo Vespucci

And every one goes naked and unashamed

At last extricate himself from the theological stupor

Attempts that have been made to glorify him socially

Bede, in the eighth century, established it finally (sphericity)

Began to offer bargains to the Almighty

Believed that the Spaniards came from heaven

Biography which obscures the truth with legends and pretences

Cannibal epicures did not care for the flesh of women and boys

Christian era denied the theory of the roundness of the earth

Columbus, calling for an egg, laid a wager

Columbus never once mentions his wife

Columbus's habit of being untruthful in regard to his own past

Cooling off in his enthusiasm as the pastime became a task

Desire to get a great deal of money without working for it

Diminishing object to the wet eyes of his mother, sailed away

Dogs wagged their tails, but that never barked

Establishment of ten footmen and twenty other servants

Exchanging the natives for cattle

First known discovery of tobacco by Europeans

First organised transaction of slavery on the part of Columbus

Freed by force and with guns

Having issued three Bulls in twenty-four hours, he desisted

He had a way of rising above petty indignities

He was a great stickler for the observances of religion

Hearts quick to burn, quick to forget

Heretics were being burned every year by the Grand Inquisitor

High time, indeed, that they should be taught to wear clothing

Idea of importing black African labour to the New World

Ideas to him were of more value than facts

If there were no results, there would be no rewards

Inclined to be pompous

Irving: so inaccurate, so untrue to life, and so profoundly dull

Islands in that sea had their greatest length east and west

Juan Ponce de Leon, the discoverer of Florida

Learn the blessings of Christianity under the whip

Lives happily in our dreams, as blank as sunshine

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