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Quotes and Images From The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Produced by David Widger



By Samuel Pepys

20s. in money, and what wine she needed, for the burying him

A good handsome wench I kissed, the first that I have seen

A fair salute on horseback, in Rochester streets, of the lady

A most conceited fellow and not over much in him

A conceited man, but of no Logique in his head at all

A pretty man, I would be content to break a commandment with him

A lady spit backward upon me by a mistake

A play not very good, though commended much

A cat will be a cat still

A book the Bishops will not let be printed again

A most tedious, unreasonable, and impertinent sermon

About two o'clock, too late and too soon to go home to bed

Academy was dissolved by order of the Pope

Act of Council passed, to put out all Papists in office

Advantage a man of the law hath over all other people

Afeard of being louzy

After taking leave of my wife, which we could hardly do kindly

After awhile I caressed her and parted seeming friends

After many protestings by degrees I did arrive at what I would

After oysters, at first course, a hash of rabbits, a lamb

After a harsh word or two my wife and I good friends

All ended in love

All made much worse in their report among people than they are

All the fleas came to him and not to me

All divided that were bred so long at school together

All may see how slippery places all courtiers stand in

All things to be managed with faction

All the towne almost going out of towne (Plague panic)

Ambassador--that he is an honest man sent to lie abroad

Among many lazy people that the diligent man becomes necessary

An exceeding pretty lass, and right for the sport

An offer of L500 for a Baronet's dignity

And for his beef, says he, "Look how fat it is"

And if ever I fall on it again, I deserve to be undone

And a deal of do of which I am weary

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