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A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner

But she was looking steadfastly at Pitt


yes. And liked her too, in a way.'

'Did she know your name!' he asked suddenly, facing round.

'Why, certainly,' said Esther, smiling. 'We were properly introduced; and we talked for a long while, and very earnestly. She interested me.'

Pitt's brows drew together ominously. Poor Betty! The old Spanish proverb would have held good in her case; 'If you do not want a thing known of you, _don't do it_.' Pitt's pencil went on furiously fast, and Esther sat by, wondering what he was thinking of. But soon his brow cleared again as his drawing was done, and he flung down the pencil and turned to her.

'Esther,' he said, 'it is dawning on me, like a glory out of the sky, that you and I are not merely to live our earthly life together, and serve together, in London or anywhere, in the work given us to do. That is only the small beginning. Beyond all that stretches an endless life and ages of better service, in which we shall still be together and love and live with each other. In the light of such a distant glory, is it much, if we in this little life on earth give all we have to Him who has bought all that, and all this too, for us?'

'It is not much,' said Esther, with a sudden veil of moisture coming over her eyes, through which they shone like two stars. Pitt took both her hands.


mean it literally,' he said.

'So do I.'

'We will be only stewards, using faithfully everything, and doing everything, so as it seems would be most for His honour and best for His work.'

'Yes,' said Esther. But gladness was like to choke her from speaking at all.

'In India there is not the poorest Hindoo but puts by from his every meal of rice so much as a spoonful for his god. That is the utmost he can do. Shall we do less than our utmost?'

'Not with my good-will,' said Esther, from whose bright eyes bright drops fell down, but she was looking steadfastly at Pitt.

'I am not a very rich man, but I have an abundant independence, without asking my father for anything. We can live as we like, Esther; you can keep your carriage if you choose; but for me, I would like nothing so well as to use it all for the Lord Christ.'

'Oh Pitt! oh Pitt! so would I!'

'Then you will watch over me, and I will watch over you,' said he, with a glad sealing of this compact; 'for unless we are strange people we shall both need watching. And now come here and let me tell you about your house. I think you will like that.'

There is no need to add any more. Except only the one fact, that on the day of Esther's marriage Pitt brought her a bunch of red wallflowers, which he made fast himself to her dress. She must wear, he said, no other flower but that on her wedding-day.



Typographical errors silently corrected:

chapter 8: =half dry-blossoms= replaced by =half-dry blossoms=

chapter 16: =could get at school= replaced by =could get at school.'=

chapter 17: =I don't know, Miss Esther.= replaced by =I don' know, Miss Esther.=

chapter 19: =And how are we going to get it= replaced by =And how are we goin' to get it=

chapter 25: =Maybe ye don't have none= replaced by =Maybe ye don't hev none=

chapter 25: =human nature 'd= replaced by =human natur' 'd=

chapter 25: =real oblidged to ye= replaced by =real obleeged to ye=

chapter 26: =not ef I can help it= replaced by =not if I kin help it=

chapter 26: =them foreign notions= replaced by =them furrin notions=

chapter 26: =had a falling out= replaced by =hed a falling out=

chapter 30: =that's what I was thinking;= replaced by =that's what I was thinkin';=

chapter 30: =it's been standing empty= replaced by =it's been standin' empty=

chapter 34: =W'hat do you mean= replaced by ='What do you mean=

chapter 36: =the Prayer-book? his mother= replaced by =the Prayer-book?' his mother=

chapitre 38: =son said stedfastly= replaced by =son said steadfastly=

chapter 45: =mother of Henry VIII= replaced by =mother of Henry VII=

chapter 47: =standing in the doorway= replaced by =standin' in the doorway=

chapter 47: =stedfast eyes= replaced by =steadfast eyes=

chapter 48: =looking stedfastly= replaced by =looking steadfastly=

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