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Reply of the Philadelphia Brigade Association to the Foolish and Absurd Narrative of Lieutenant Frank A. Haskell

The Philadelphia Brigade was just as loyal



---------------+-----------------+----------------+------- | | Captured or | No. of Killed | No. of Wounded | Missing | Total ---------+-----+----------+------+----------+-----+------- Officers | Men | Officers | Men | Officers | Men | ---------+-----+----------+------+----------+-----+------- 66 | 731 | 270 | 2923 | 13 | 365 | 4369 ---------+-----+----------+------+----------+-----+-------

The following table, furnished by our beloved Comrade, Sylvester Byrne, was the last letter the Philadelphia Brigade Association ever received from that noble soul--that Comrade who loved his Regiment and Brigade with ardent and unfaltering affection. To the very last he was faithful to and watchful of his Command. The statement was furnished for the purpose of correcting some errors relative to the actual losses of the Philadelphia Brigade. The table is printed just as it was given by Comrade Byrne, and is regarded as his sacred contribution to the Brigade's reply to Haskell's charge of cowardice:


+--------+--------+---------+---------+---------+--------------+-------+ | | | | | Died of | Died of | | | Regt. | Killed | Wounded | Missing |

Disease | Other Causes | Total | +--------+--------+---------+---------+---------+--------------+-------+ | 69th | 178 | 346 | 185 | 91 | 15 | 815 | | 71st | 140 | 396 | 330 | 91 | 6 | 963 | | 72nd | 195 | 558 | 165 | 60 | 10 | 988 | | 106th | 99 | 416 | 157 | 81 | 14 | 767 | +--------+--------+---------+---------+---------+--------------+-------+ | Totals | 612 | 1716 | 837 | 323 | 45 | 3533 | +--------+--------+---------+---------+---------+--------------+-------+

The total loss in killed, wounded and missing of the Philadelphia Brigade at Gettysburg was over 32 per cent., about one soldier slain to every three engaged in the battle. Call you this "running like rabbits?"

The total loss of the Philadelphia Brigade during the Civil War was 3,533, of which number 545 were killed, wounded and missing at Antietam, the remaining loss of nearly three thousand was sustained in the 45 engagements in which the Brigade took part, and yet with the evidence of this loss, furnished by the United States Government and easily accessible to all, and on file in the library of the Loyal Legion of Massachusetts, that Order appears to stand sponsor for a "Narrative" which falsely proclaimed to the world that the brave men of the Philadelphia Brigade "ran like rabbits" from Pickett's Division at Gettysburg.

What more need be said to convince this Military Order of the Loyal Legion that from the beginning to the end, the Philadelphia Brigade was just as loyal, just as brave, just as heroic, as they, our comrades, and with this statement of facts the Association of Survivors of the Philadelphia Brigade calls upon the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, Commandery of Massachusetts, and the History Commission of Wisconsin, to retract the statement made in the volumes published by them during the year 1908, as to cowardice.

In meeting and repulsing the charge of Pickett's Division at the Bloody Angle of Gettysburg, the High Water Mark of the Civil War, the Philadelphia Brigade gained imperishable fame that will live in history as long as our country will exist as a nation, and that renown is so irrevocably fixed in the annals of the War that it can never be impaired while time itself shall last.

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