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A Sketch-Book of R. Caldecott's by Caldecott

A Sketch-Book of R. Caldecott's

Reproduced by Edmund Evans the Engraver & Printer

& Published by George Routledge & Sons

London & New York

Dedicated to Everybody-- but copyright reserved.


[Illustration: Intense & searching students of Nature]

[Illustration: The Seasons Pepper Green Peas]

[Illustration: March]

[Illustration: Spring.

"When Love came first to earth, the Spring Spread Rose-beds to receive him, And back he vow'd his flight he'd wing To Heaven, if she should leave him."]


[Illustration: Under the walls of Siena]

[Illustration: "Now be careful!"]

[Illustration: San Gimignano]

[Illustration: April

"In the Spring a young mans fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love."]


[Illustration: Review of the Household Troops. The Cavalry.]


[Illustration: The Infantry]


[Illustration: The Spectators.]

[Illustration: Summer.

"But Spring departing, saw his faith Pledged to the next new Comer-- He revell'd in the warmer breath And richer bowers of Summer."]



[Illustration: Quite a small party]


[Illustration: The Gardeners]

[Illustration: Mustard. (Cold Beef)]


[Illustration: Wybournes]


[Illustration: Autumn.

"Then Sportive Autumn claim'd by rights An Archer for her lover,"

{rest of the verse belongs} {to Winter--see farther on}]



[Illustration: Exercising the Pack]


"With a hey ho chivy! Hark forward, hark forward, tantivy!]

[Illustration: "This day a Stag must die."]


[Illustration: The "incautious minnow" in danger]

[Illustration: The Seasons Salt (Nuts)]

[Illustration: Cub-hunting. October]

[Illustration: Repose Play]

[Illustration: Our Dogs Lalla Rockh Tiny Nigger Toby]

[Illustration: Winter.

"And even in Winter's dark cold nights A charm he could discover.

Her routs and balls, and fireside joy, For this time were his reasons-- In short, young Love's a gallant Boy, That likes all times & seasons."

Thomas Campbell.]



[Illustration: The Fox at home.]

[Illustration: Seeing the Doctor]

[Illustration: A Change from Soot to Snow.]

[Illustration: VINEGAR (Pickles)]



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