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Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio vol. II (of

The ghost of a ghost is called chien


Bones are used in glazing porcelain, to give a higher finish.

[389] The seven periods of seven days each which occur immediately after a death and at which the departed shade is appeased with food and offerings of various kinds.

[390] To warm them.

[391] When they are born again on earth.

[392] Heart, lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys.

[393] Many millions of years.

[394] The following recipe for this deadly poison is given in the well-known Chinese work _Instructions to Coroners_:--"Take a quantity of insects of all kinds and throw them into a vessel of any kind; cover them up, and let a year pass away before you look at them again. The insects will have killed and eaten each other, until there is only one survivor, and this one is _Ku_."

[395] He who "turns the wheel;" a _chakravartti raja_.

[396] The capital city of the Infernal Regions.

[397] The ghosts of dead people are believed to be liable to death. The ghost of a ghost is called _chien_.

[398] On the "Three Systems." See note 347, _Appendix_.

[399] Women are considered in China to be far more revengeful than men.


See _Author's Own Record_ (in _Introduction_), note 28.

[401] While in Purgatory.

[402] It was mentioned above that the rewards for virtue would be continued to a man's sons and grandsons.

[403] That is, go to heaven.

[404] Of meat, wine, &c.



"The rudimentary form of all religion is the propitiation of dead ancestors, who are supposed to be still existing, and to be capable of working good or evil to their descendants."--SPENCER'S ESSAYS. Vol. iii., p. 102.--_The Origin of Animal Worship._


"As a general rule, people are apt to consider it impossible for a man to be in two places at once, and indeed a saying to that effect has become a popular saw. But the rule is so far from being universally accepted, that the word 'bilocation' has been invented to express the miraculous faculty possessed by certain saints of the Roman Church, of being in two places at once; like St. Alfonso di Liguori, who had the useful power of preaching his sermon in church while he was confessing penitents at home."--TYLOR'S _Primitive Culture_. Vol. i., p. 447.


"Hence the various burial rites--the placing of weapons and valuables along with the body, the daily bringing of food to it, &c. I hope hereafter, to show that with such knowledge of facts as he has, this interpretation is the most reasonable the savage can arrive at."--SPENCER'S ESSAYS. Vol. iii., p. 104.--_The Origin of Animal Worship._

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