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Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio vol. II (of

From swatow to canton overland

Windows i. 61 79

Wine ii. 259, 240, 260 241

Wine-cup upside down, Turning the i. 264 224

Wine taken hot ii. 144 122

Witnesses in a court of justice ii. 156 136

Women ride astride i. 354 286

Wooden fish, The ii. 195 174

Works of supererogation i. 426 346

Worldly-mindedness ii. 312 298

Wu Wang i. 278 228

Yamen i. 2 38

Yang Ta-hung ii. 310 297

Yang-tsze, The ii. 176 159

Years, Names of i. 113 111

Yellow girdles i. 66 84

justify;"> _Yin_ and the _yang_, The i. 176 150

Yojana, A i. 394 319

Yue-chiao-li, The ii. 164 140


CHINESE SKETCHES. Demy 8vo. pp. 204.

CHINESE WITHOUT A TEACHER. Being a Collection of Easy and Useful Sentences in the Mandarin Dialect, with a Vocabulary. Post 8vo. pp. 60, paper cover.

DICTIONARY OF COLLOQUIAL IDIOMS. In the Mandarin Dialect. Demy 4to, half bound.

FROM SWATOW TO CANTON OVERLAND. Demy 8vo. pp. 76, paper cover.

A GLOSSARY OF REFERENCE, on subjects connected with the Far East. Demy 8vo. pp. 184, paper cover.

HAND-BOOK OF THE SWATOW DIALECT. With a Vocabulary. Demy 8vo. pp. 60, paper cover.

RECORD OF THE BUDDHISTIC KINGDOMS. Translated from the Chinese. Demy 8vo. pp. 130, paper cover.


THE SAN TZU CHING; or, Three Character Classic and the Ch'ien Tz[)u] Wen or 1,000 Character Essay Metrically translated. Post 8vo. pp. 28, paper cover.

A SHORT HISTORY OF KOOLANGSU. Demy 8vo. pp. 38, paper cover.

* * * * *


This book was published in two volumes, of which this is the second. The first volume was released as Project Gutenberg ebook #xxxxx, available at Referenced content not present in this electronic text can be found in Volume I. The table of contents is reproduced as printed in Volume I.

Italic text is denoted by _underscores_. [)u] represents u breve.

Obvious typographical errors repaired. Punctuation, spelling, hyphenation, use of accented characters and stylistic presentation standardized when a predominant preference was found in this book. Capitalization and hyphenation of Chinese personal names has been standardized. Otherwise left as printed.

Footnote numbers were re-indexed in this electronic text, internal references renumbered correspondingly.

Footnote 72, 'excepting' changed to 'except' (except in the matter of light).

Footnote 92, 'of' added (first quarter of the present century).

Footnote 124, 'denouement' changed to 'denouement' (important to the _denouement_ of the story).

Footnote 140, 'denouement' changed to 'denouement' (The _denouement_ of the _Yue-chiao-li_).

Footnote 172, 'Ibu' changed to 'Ibn' (Ibn Batuta writes as follows).

Footnote 324, 'LXVII.' changed to 'LXVIII.' (See No. LXVIII.).

Page 19, 'of' added (a number of curious stones).

Page 65, 'be' changed to 'he' (but he soon reflected).

Page 145, 'sung' changed to 'sang' (whereupon he sang the following lines).

Page 198, 'he' changed to 'be' (that he would be only too happy).

Page 208, 'according' changed to 'accordingly' (accordingly, when the King was looking).

Page 254, 'Ch'eng' changed to 'Ch'en' (This frightened Ch'en).

Page 255, 'Ch'eng' changed to 'Ch'en' (Ch'en himself was a cattle-farmer).

Page 286, 'servants' changed to 'servant' (rode away, telling his servant).

Page 287, 'a Mr. Ts'ui' changed to 'Mr. Ts'ui' (who lived next door to Mr. Ts'ui).

Page 41, 'He then bit her across the neck' should probably be 'He then hit her across the neck'.

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