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A Treatise of the Cohabitation Of the Faithful wit

This text is intended for users whose text readers cannot use the "real" (unicode/utf-8) version of the file.

In the original text, some vowels were written with an overline or tilde representing a following nasal (m or n). Although some combinations were more popular than others, there were no absolute rules; it seems to have been done primarily to make lines come out even. For this ASCII text they have been unpacked to their -m or -n form without further notation.

Some paragraph breaks in the original book were ambiguous: text ended at mid-line, but the following line was not indented. These are shown as single blank lines. Unambiguous paragraph breaks are shown with two blank lines. Sidenotes are shown in [[double brackets]] without other identification.

Spelling, punctuation and capitalization are unchanged. All virgules ("slash" /) are in the original. The printed book used "v" initially, "u" later in the word; sidenotes used "vv" for "w". Details about unusual spellings, printing errors and corrections are given at the end of the text.

Latin words in the body text were in Roman type, shown here with _lines_. A few words used unusual abbreviations, shown in [single brackets]. Greek words have been transliterated and shown between +marks+]

A Treatise of the Cohabitacyon of the faithfull with the vnfaithfull.

Wherunto is added.

A Sermon made of the confessing of Christe and his gospell / and of the denyinge of the same.

Anno M.D.LV.

Apocal. 18.

Come awaye from her my poeple / that ye be not partakers of her synnes / that ye receyue not of her plagues.

In this furst treatise theys thinges ar contayned.

1. The question of Cohabitacion.

2. Christians maye not be present at popishe masses and supersticions.

3. The masse is a prophanacion of the lordes supper.

4. The dutie of princes is to mayntain pure Religion amonge ther subiectes / and what inferior Rulars must do when they be commaunded contrarie by their superiors.

5. A confutacion of the reasons which ar made to proue the Cohabitacion lawfull.

6. How the Iues ar to be handeled of christians.

7. The papistes ar heretikes.

Whether the dwellinge together and familiar conuersacion of the godly withe the godles / the faithfull withe the faythles / the professor of Christes gospell withe the papiste be lawfull or no.

[[Reasons prouing that it is lawfull.]]

The reasons bi whiche many do persuade them selues / and others also / that yt ys lawfull / for the faythfull to haue famylier conuersation / and to dwell together withe the vnfaythfull, are theise.


Christe Iesus dyd go vnto the feastes and dyners of publicans and synners / and was there accompanyed and famyliarlie conuersaunte with them. In lyke maner beinge bydden of the phariseis to dyners / he went.

[[2]] [[1. Cor. 7.]]

Also S. Paule dothe byd / that the faythful whiche is ioyned in mariage withe the vnbeleuer sholde not be separated / yf the vnbeleuer will dwell withe the faythfull.

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