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Treatise on the Diseases of Women by Pinkham

Menstruaciones irregulares y dolorosas


can talk freely to a woman when it is revolting to relate your private troubles to a man--besides, a man does not understand--simply because he is a man.

Many women suffer in silence and drift along from bad to worse, knowing full well that they ought to have immediate assistance, but a natural modesty impels them to shrink from exposing themselves to the questions and probably examinations of even their family physician. It is unnecessary. Without money or price you can consult a woman, who can speak from a greater actual experience than can any local physician in the world.

Every one will agree that there are the strongest of all reasons why, if we are ill, we should appeal to the person who knows the most about the kind of illness with which we are afflicted--one who has had the greatest experience in treating just such cases and meeting just the symptoms that are manifest in our particular case.

What confidence does one gain by consulting one who has occasionally met a case just like ours, but has had no great experience? None whatever. All treatment under such a person must of necessity be experimental. But in writing Mrs. Pinkham you consult one who has, actually filed in her office for ready reference, an immense correspondence with patients suffering from female ills which has been constantly going on for more than twenty-five years; and it is safe to say there is not

a case or complication of female derangements with which she is not familiar. It is a positive fact, easily verified, that within the last few months she, with her corps of trained women assistants, has advised in over one hundred thousand cases, and that a vast number of the women of this country owe the restoration of their health to her advice and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.

Now, if a woman is ill and miserable, it seems to us only simple justice to herself that she should avail herself of the help of a woman of such enormous experience.


Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to promptly communicate with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Mass. She asks nothing in return, except their good will, and her advice has relieved thousands. Surely any woman, rich or poor, is very foolish if she does not take advantage of this generous offer of assistance.

=Address simply Mrs. Pinkham, Lynn, Mass., U. S. A.=

El Compuesto Vegetal de Lydia E. Pinkham es un remedio seguro para todas las enfermedades de las mujeres, incluyendo la caida del utero, leucorrea, menstruaciones irregulares y dolorosas, inflamaciones y ulceraciones de la matriz y del ovario, para toda clase de afecciones de los organos de la generacion, asi como tambien para las enfermedades de los rinones de ambos sexos. Este remedio esta compuesto de las raices y yerbas mas puras y escogidas, que se encuentran en la naturaleza para las enfermedades de las mujeres.

=Menstruacion.=--Las menstruaciones tempranas no son deseables, aunque muchas menstruaciones aparecen de los trece a los quince anos; sin embargo mucho depende de la constitucion de la muchacha. Si habiendo llegado a esta edad no ha menstruado todavia, la madre debera prestar singular cuidado a la hija; esta probablemente crecera delgada y palida con una complexion livida, que hara de ella una victima facil y segura de la tisis y de la nevrastenia. Nada hay comparable para estos casos al Compuesto Vegetal de Lydia E. Pinkham. Ayuda y promueve los cambios importantes que han de verificarse en la vida de la muchacha en esa edad previniendo largos anos de padecimientos los cuales son resaltados seguros de la negligencia. El Compuesto debera tomarse siguiendo estrictamente las direcciones hasta que la menstruacion ocurra regularmente cada veinte y ocho dias. Si hay propension a estrenimiento, las Pildoras de Higado de Lydia E. Pinkham deberan tomarse juntamente con el Compuesto Vegetal. Estas pildoras han sido hechas especialmente para mujeres y obran in perfecta harmonia con el Compuesto Vegetal.

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