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Tabitha's Vacation by Ruth Alberta Brown


Volume III in the Ivy Hall Series



Author of "Tabitha at Ivy Hall," "Tabitha's Glory," "At the Little Brown House," Etc.

[Frontispiece: "I hope," panted Tabitha, trotting along at the rear of the procession, "that you don't have your fun in such a hurry."]

The Saalfield Publishing Company Chicago, ---- Akron, Ohio ---- New York Made in U. S. A. Copyright, MCMXIII By the Saalfield Publishing Company


I. The McKittricks' Misfortune II. Tabitha and Gloriana, Housekeepers III. Unwelcome Guests IV. Mischief Makers V. Irene's Song VI. Gloriana's Burglars VII. Toady and the Castor Beans VIII. Billiard Runs Away IX. Billiard Surrenders X. Susanne Entertains a Caller XI. In the Canyon XII. The Bank of Silver Bow is Robbed XIII. The Robbers and the Haunted House XIV. The Unexpected Happens XV. Myra's Climax


"I hope," panted Tabitha, trotting along at the rear of the procession, "that you don't have your fun in such a hurry." . . . _Frontispiece_




"'Ho, ho, vacation days are here, We welcome them with right good cheer; In wisdom's halls we love to be, But yet 'tis pleasant to be free,'"

warbled Tabitha Catt, pausing on the doorstep of her little desert home as she vigorously shook a dingy dusting cloth, and hungrily sniffed the fresh, sweet morning air, for, although the first week of June was already gone, the fierce heat of the summer had not yet descended upon Silver Bow, nestling in its cup-like hollow among the Nevada mountains.

"'Ho, ho, the hours will quickly fly, And soon vacation time be by; Ah, then we'll all in glad refrain, Sing welcome to our school again.'"

piped up a sweet voice in muffled accents from the depths of the closet where the singer was rummaging to find hooks for her wardrobe, which lay scattered rather promiscuously about Tabitha's tiny bedroom.

"Why, Gloriana Holliday, where did you learn that?" demanded the girl on the threshold, abruptly ceasing her song. "It's as old as the hills. Mrs. Carson used to sing it when she went to school."

"So did my mother. I've got her old music book with the words in it," responded her companion, emerging from the dark closet, flushed but triumphant. "There! I've hung up the last dud I could find room for. The rest must go back in the trunk, I guess. My, but it does seem nice to have a few weeks of vacation, doesn't it?"

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