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The Universe a Vast Electric Organism by Warder

_The Universe a Vast Electric Organism_


AUTHOR OF "Invisible Light, or the Electric Theory of Creation," "The Cities of the Sun," Etc., Etc.


_The universe is a vast electric machine or organism creating its own cosmic force, lighting and heating itself from its own latent electric fires, and bound together by invisible electric bands pulling and guiding with the swiftness of lightning, and the power and wisdom of Omnipotence._--From "THE CITIES OF THE SUN."

G. W. DILLINGHAM COMPANY _Publishers_ New York


The Universe a Vast Electric Organism


I. The Universe Is a Vast Electric Organism, 11

II. Electricity Produces All the Phenomena of Nature, 29

III. Electrical Creation, Briefly Stated. It Seems to Solve the Riddle of the Universe, 49

IV. Electrical Creation More Fully Stated Confirms Scientific Evolution, 54

V. Man Is a Soul Clad in Air, a Spirit in an Electric Organism, 76

VI. All Light, Heat and Life Evolved Only in the Atmosphere of Suns and Planets, 90

VII. Electrical Derangement of the Bodily Organism Produce Sickness and Death, 102

VIII. Recent Electric Discoveries and Appliances, Wireless Telegraphy, etc., 112

IX. Present Science Is in a Dubious and Chaotic Condition, 133

X. Electrical Creation Explains Natural Philosophy, 156

XI. Science and Philosophy Sustain the Religious Concept, 173

XII. Human Reason and the Universe Are Books of God, as Well as the Bible, 194

XIII. Love is the Electric Law of Life: All That Live Must Come From Loving, 213

XIV. Jacob's Ladder Is the Electric Pathway Between Suns and Planets, 230

XV. This Electric Universe is Self-sustaining and Eternal, 246

XVI. Are all Suns and Worlds Inhabited? 265

XVII. The Electrical Theory of Creation Will Save Modern Science from Pantheism, 279


This volume is intended to further elucidate my theories of electrical creation, to cover some points lightly touched upon in my previous books; also to bring forward to date the most recent scientific facts and discoveries tending to show that the universe is a vast electric machine or organism.

This is the electrical age of the world, the age of magnetic marvels and electrical wonders. The people of this generation have witnessed the most astounding development of electrical machinery, appliances and utilities. In every department of effort human genius has called forth this invisible, mysterious magician, electricity, to work the miracles of Omnipotence.

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