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Uncle Max by Rosa Nouchette Carey




Author of 'Nellie's Memories,' 'Wee Wifie,' 'Robert Ord's Atonement,' etc.



I. Out of the Mist

II. Behind the Bars

III. Cinderella

IV. Uncle Max Breaks The Ice

V. 'When The Cat Is Away'

VI. The White Cottage

VII. Giles Hamilton, Esq

VIII. New Brooms Sweep Clean

IX. The Flag of Truce

X. A Difficult Patient

XI. One of God's Heroines

XII. A Missed Vocation

XIII. Lady Betty

XIV. Lady Betty Leaves Her Muff

XV. Up At Gladwyn

XVI. Gladys

XVII. 'Why Not Trust Me, Max?'

XVIII. Miss Hamilton's Little Scholar

XIX. The Picture In Gladys's Room

XX. Eric

XXI. 'I Ran Away, Then!'

XXII. 'They Have Blackened His Memory Falsely'

XXIII. The Mystery at Gladwyn

XXIV. 'Weeping may endure for a Night'

XXV. 'There is no one like Donald'

XXVI. I hear about Captain Hamilton

XXVII. Max opens his Heart

XXVIII. Crossing the River

XXIX. Miss Darrell has a Headache

XXX. With Timbrels and Dances

XXXI. Wedding-Chimes

XXXII. A Fiery Ordeal

XXXIII. Jack Poynter

XXXIV. I communicate with Joe Muggins

XXXV. Nightingales and Roses

XXXVI. Breakers Ahead

XXXVII. 'I claim that Promise, Ursula'

XXXVIII. In the Turret-Room

XXXIX. Whitefoot is saddled

XL. The Talk in the Gloaming

XLI. 'At five o'clock in the Morning'

XLII. Down the Pemberley Road

XLIII. 'Conspiracy Corner'

XLIV. Leah's Confession

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