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The Under Dog by Francis Hopkinson Smith

Produced by Juliet Sutherland, Thomas Cormode, Kevin Handy, and PG Distributed Proofreaders

[Illustration: During the trip he sat in the far corner of the car.]






_To my Readers_:

In the strife of life some men lose place through physical weakness or lost opportunities or impaired abilities; struggle on as they may, they must always be the Under Dog in the fight.

Others are misjudged--often by their fellows; sometimes by the law. If you are one of the fellows, you pass the man with a nod. If you are the law, you crush out his life with a sentence.

Still others lose place from being misunderstood; from being out of touch with their surroundings; out of reach of those who, if they knew, would help; men with hearts chilled by neglect, whose smouldering coals--coals deep hidden in their nature--need only the warm breath of some other man's sympathy to be fanned back into life.

Once in a while there can be met another kind, one whose poverty or uncouthness makes us shun him at sight; and yet one, if we did but know it, with a joyous melody in his heart, ofttimes in tune with our own harmonies. This kind is rare, and when found adds another ripple to our scanty stock of laughter.

These Under Dogs--grave and gay--have always appealed to me. Their stories are printed here in the hope that they may also appeal to you.




_No Respecter of Persons I. The Crime of Samanthy North II. Bud Tilden, Mail-Thief III. "Eleven Months and Ten Days" Cap'n Bob of the Screamer A Procession of Umbrellas "Doc" Shipman's Fee Plain Fin--Paper-Hanger Long Jim Compartment Number Four--Cologne to Paris Sammy Marny's Shadow Muffles--The Bar-Keep His Last Cent_


_During the trip he sat in the far corner of the car

"I threw him in the bushes and got the letter"

"I git so tired, so tired; please let me go"

I saw the point of a tiny shoe

Everybody was excited and everybody was mad

I hardly knew him, he was so changed_




I have been requested to tell this story, and exactly as it happened. The moral any man may draw for himself. I only want to ask my readers the question I have been asking myself ever since I saw the girl: Why should such things be among us?

* * * * *

Marny's studio is over the Art Club.

He was at work on a picture of a canon with some Sioux Indians in the foreground, while I sat beside him, watching the play of his masterly brush.

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