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A Vindication of the Seventh-Day Sabbath and the C



of the

Seventh-Day Sabbath,

and the

Commandments of God:

with a further history of

God's Peculiar People,

from 1847 to 1848,

By Joseph Bates.

1. "No God but me thou shalt adore;

2. No Image frame to bow before;

3. My Holy Name take not in vain;

4. My sacred Sabbath don't profane;

5. To parents render due respect;

6. All murder shun and malice check;

7. From filth and whoredom base, abstain;

8. From theft and all unlawful gain;

9. False witness flee and slandering spite;

10. Nor covet what's thy neighbor's right."

New Bedford

Press of Benjamin Lindsey



Preface. The Sabbath Controversy. Barnabas Against The Sabbath. To The Editor Of The "Advent Harbinger." To the Editor of The Bible Advocate. Past And Present Experience. Joseph Bates. Scriptural Observance Of The Sabbath. Under The Gospel. The Beginning Of The Sabbath. The Last Experiment On Definite Time; The Prolonging Of The Days _All_ Failed. Christ's Second Coming To Gather His People. A Correction. Seventh & Fourteenth Of Revelations. Footnotes



I DEDICATE to you the following pages, with my continued prayers to God, through our Great High Priest and coming King, that they may, in connection with God's Holy Word and guidance of the Divine Spirit, enable you more clearly to discover the deceptive arts of the Devil, and the agents he is employing in these last days, to betray and ensnare you in his (almost) innumerable and complicated variety of sins and snares; and see your true position _just here_ under the HIGH LANDS of IMMORTALITY! Do not forget, while seeking to understand the Scriptures with a simple and honest desire to live _here_ by every word of God, to read again and again the warning that God in his infinite mercy gave to Jesus more than fifty years after his glorious resurrection and triumphant ascension to his Father's seat in his Sanctuary in the heaven of heavens; and he sent it by his angel, who presented it before John in holy vision, recorded in his Rev. xii: 13 and 17, and in xvi. chapter, first part of the 13th, and 14th and 15th verses. You will see the opening developement of these very things in the work before you. None will fully realize them but those who are keeping _all_ of the Commandments of God, especially his Holy Seventh-day Sabbath. Without fear of contradiction here or hereafter before the great WHITE THRONE, I tell you there is not an Advent paper (that I have heard of) published in the land, that is leading to the kingdom. I do not say but what they publish many truths; but their heretical doctrines will, if followed, never, no never, lead you to God! And as you pass along through these peace and safety _valves_ in your prophetical history, watching and anxiously waiting for God to give the fourth sign of the coming of Jesus by shaking the heavens and earth, the sea and all nations, and give you the _time_ of Jesus' coming, you will more clearly discover the widening track these advocates are pursuing with almost to a _unit_ every professed advent minister in their train. You will also see that the _Waymarks_ and high heaps in your pathway, _past and present_, are the only sure earthly guides to the peaceful haven of eternal rest. From my watch-tower I have discovered and pointed out to you some of the devouring WOLVES in sheep's clothing. Let us avoid them, and live prayerful, humble and watchful, for more will yet be seen, and perhaps start right out of your midst!

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