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A Walk from London to John O'Groat's by Burritt

This eBook was produced by Les Bowler, St. Ives, Dorset.


with notes by the way.




CHAPTER I. Motives to the Walk--The Iron Horse and his Rider-- The Losses and Gains by Speed--The Railway Track and Turnpike Road: Their Sceneries Compared.

CHAPTER II. First Day's Observations and Enjoyment--Rural Foot- paths; Visit to Tiptree Farm--Alderman Mechi's Operations-- Improvements Introduced, Decried and Adopted--Steam Power, Under- draining, Deep Tillage, Irrigation--Practical Results.

CHAPTER III. English and American Birds--The Lark and its Song.

CHAPTER IV. Talk with an Old Man on the Way--Old Houses in England--Their American Relationships--English Hedges and Hedge-row Trees--Their Probable Fate--Change of Rural Scenery without them.

CHAPTER V. A Footpath Walk and its Incidents--Harvest Aspects-- English and American Skies--Humbler Objects of Contemplation--The Donkey: Its Uses and Abuses.

CHAPTER VI. Hospitalities of "Friends"--Harvest Aspects: English Country Inns; their Appearance, Names and Distinctive Characteristics--The Landlady, Waiter, Chambermaid and Boots--Extra Fees and Extra Comforts.

CHAPTER VII. Light of Human Lives--Photographs and Biographs--The late Jonas Webb, his Life, Labors and Memory.

CHAPTER VIII. Threshing Machine--Flower Show--The Hollyhock and its Suggestions--The Law of Co-operative Activities in Vegetable, Animal, Mental and Moral Life.

CHAPTER IX. Visit to a Three-Thousand-Acre Farm--Samuel Jonas; His Agricultural Operations, their Extent, Success and General Economy.

CHAPTER X. Royston and its Specialities--Entertainment in a Small Village--St. Ives--Visits to Adjoining Villages--A Fen-Farm-- Capital Invested in English and American Agriculture Compared-- Allotments and Garden Tenantry--Barley Grown on Oats.

CHAPTER XI. The Miller of Houghton--An Hour in Huntingdon--Old Houses--Whitewashed Tapestry and Works of Art--"The Old Mermaid" and "The Green Man"--Talk with Agricultural Laborers--Thoughts on their Condition, Prospects and Possibilities.

CHAPTER XII. Farm Game--Hallett Wheat--Oundle--Country Bridges-- Fotheringay Castle--Queen Mary's Imprisonment and Execution-- Burghley House: The Park, Avenues, Elms and Oaks--Thoughts on Trees, English and American.

CHAPTER XIII. Walk to Oakham--The English and American Spring--The English Gentry--A Specimen of the Class--Melton Mowbray and its Specialities--Belvoir Vale and its Beauty--Thoughts on the Blind Painter.

CHAPTER XIV. Nottingham and its Characteristics--Newstead Abbey-- Mansfield--Talk in a Blacksmith's Shop--Chesterfield, Chatsworth and Haddon Hall--Aristocratic Civilisation, Present and Past.

CHAPTER XV. Sheffield and its Individuality--The Country, Above Ground and Under Ground--Wakefield and Leeds--Wharf Vale--Farnley Hall--Harrogate; Ripley Castle; Ripon; Conservatism of Country Towns--Fountain Abbey; Studley Park--Rievaulx Abbey--Lord Faversham's Shorthorn Stock.

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