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Where We Live by Emilie Van Beil Jacobs

There are some cities in the Torrid Zone


animals live better in our zone than in any other zone. They need temperate climate.


Horse Squirrel Cow Bear Sheep Wolf Pig Rabbit Cat Fox Dog Deer Zebra Buffalo Giraffe Goat

Which are domestic and which are wild animals? Describe each and tell how it is useful to man.

[Illustration: ZEBRA.]



If we take a long trip to the south we find it growing warmer and warmer until at last we have reached a land where it is warm all the year through. This is the Torrid Zone.

The plants do not rest nor die in winter there, for there is no cold weather. These plants keep right on growing through the year. Many of the trees grow very, very high and have tremendous leaves.

In some cities there are large greenhouses where the Torrid Zone plants are raised. The temperature must be kept as warm there as in the Torrid Zone. These are some of the Torrid or Hot Zone plants:

Palm Rubber Giant ferns Coffee Bamboo Banana

[Illustration: IN THE TORRID ZONE.]

In the

forests of the Hot Zone the trees grow very close together. The sunlight cannot shine through. It is impossible to walk through these forests without first chopping out a pathway with a hatchet.


In these forests live many of the fierce animals which you have seen in cages in the Zoological Gardens or at the circus.


Monkey Elephant Camel Snake Lion Parrot Tiger Rhinoceros Leopard Wild Cat

Describe these and tell of what use they are.

[Illustration: A TROPICAL JUNGLE.]

Why are some of the buildings in the Zoological Gardens so warm?


The Torrid Zone was the first home of the negroes before they were brought to America. There are many negroes and Indians living in the Hot Zone now. Many are but half-civilized. Some are savage. As they do not need large warm homes like ours, some live in small huts made of the branches of trees, earth and straw. A few of these homes together make a village. These people get their food by hunting in the forest and fishing in the rivers and ocean. They also eat the fruits that grow wild in the forests. There are some cities in the Torrid Zone, but none of them are very large. These towns have been built mostly by the civilized white people. The streets are often shaded with beautiful palm trees. The buildings are generally small, as the people live and work out of doors as much as possible.



The people living in the Torrid Zone send to us Temperate Zone people many useful things that do not grow here. These are some of them:

Cocoanuts Chocolate Bananas Pepper Coffee Palm leaves Rubber Mahogany

In return the Temperate Zone people send to the Torrid Zone inhabitants things that they do not have. In the Hot Zone there are no large factories in which to manufacture goods, so we send there:

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