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The War and the Churches by Joseph McCabe




[Issued for the Rationalist Press Association, Limited] London: Watts & Co. 17 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, E.C. 1915


_Modern Rationalism_ (Watts), 2nd ed. 1/-

_Peter Abelard_ (Duckworth), 2nd ed. 3/6.

_Saint Augustine and his Age_ (Duckworth), 2nd ed. 3/6.

_Twelve Years in a Monastery_ (Smith Elder), 3rd ed. _6d._ and 1/-

_Life in a Modern Monastery_ (Grant Richards). 6/-

_Life and Letters of G. J. Holyoake_ (Watts), 2 vols. L1/1/-

_Talleyrand_ (Hutchinson). 14/-

_The Iron Cardinal_ (Nash). 12/-

_Goethe_ (Nash). 15/-

_A Candid History of the Jesuits_ (Nash). 10/6.

_The Evolution of Mind_ (Black). 5/-

_Evolution_ (Twentieth Century Science Series). 1/-

_Prehistoric Man_ (Twentieth Century Science Series). 1/-

_The Principles of Evolution_ (The Nation's Library). 1/-

_The Decay of the Church of Rome_ (Methuen), 2nd ed. 7/6.

_The Story of Evolution_ (Hutchinson), 2nd ed. 7/6.

_The Empresses of Rome_ (Methuen). 12/6.

_The Empresses of Constantinople_ (Methuen). 12/6.

_Church Discipline_ (Duckworth). 3/6.

_Can we Disarm?_ (Heinemann). 2/6.

_In the Shade of the Cloister_ (pseudonymous--Constable). 6/-

_The Bible in Europe_ (Watts). 3/6.

_The Religion of Woman_ (Watts), 2nd ed. _6d._

_Woman in Political Evolution_ (Watts). _6d._

_Haeckel's Critics Answered_ (Watts), 2nd ed. _6d._

_From Rome to Rationalism_ (Watts), 4th ed. _4d._

_The Origin of Life_ (Watts). 1/-

_Secular Education_ (Watts), 2nd ed. 1/-

_The Martyrdom of Ferrer_ (Watts), 2nd ed. _6d._

_The Religion of the Twentieth Century_ (Watts). 1/-

_A Hundred Years of Education Controversy_ (Watts). _3d._

_The Existence of God_ (Watts). _9d._

_Shakespeare and Goethe_ (Cole). _6d._

_George Bernard Shaw_ (Kegan Paul). 7/6.

_The Religion of Sir Oliver Lodge_ (Watts). 2/-


The searching crisis through which the nation is passing must have the effect of securing grave consideration for many aspects of our life and institutions. We have already traversed the acute stage of suspense, and are gradually becoming sensible of these wider considerations. It was natural that for a prolonged period the disturbance of our economic conditions, the anxiety for the safety of our nation in face of an appalling menace, the personal concern of millions about the lives of sons or brothers who have bravely responded to the call, should keep our thoughts enchained to the daily or hourly fortunes of the field of battle. Now that the initial disorder has been allayed and we have attained a quiet and reasonable confidence in the issue, we turn to other and broader aspects of this mighty event of our generation. How comes it that the most enlightened century the world has yet seen should be thus darkened by one of the bloodiest and most calamitous wars that have ever spread their awful wings over the life of man? Where is all the optimism of yesterday? Must we reconsider our reasoned boast that our civilisation has lifted the life of man to a level hitherto unattained? Is there something entirely and most mischievously wrong with the foundations of modern civilisation?

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