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The Young Outlaw by Horatio Alger



Adrift in the Streets.



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Horatio Alger's Successful Books for Boys and Girls.

"Half a million of readers shows how popular they are."

Ragged Dick Series.

Complete in Six Volumes--in a Box.

I. RAGGED DICK; or, Street Life in New York. II. FAME AND FORTUNE; or, The Progress of Richard Hunter. III. MARK, THE MATCH BOY. IV. ROUGH AND READY; or, Life Among New York Newsboys. V. BEN, THE LUGGAGE BOY; or, Among the Wharves. VI. RUFUS AND ROSE; or, The Fortunes of Rough and Ready.

Price, $1.25 per volume.

Tattered Tom Series.

A Continuation of the Ragged Dick Series.

FIRST SERIES, Complete in Four Volumes--in a Box.

I. TATTERED TOM; or, The Story of a Street Arab. II. PAUL, THE PEDDLER; or, The Adventures of a Young Street Merchant. III. PHIL, THE FIDDLER; or, The Young Street Musician. IV. SLOW AND SURE; or, From the Sidewalk to the Shop.

Price, $1.25 a volume.


I. JULIUS; or, The Street Boy out West. II. THE YOUNG OUTLAW; or, Adrift in the World. III. SAM'S CHANCE, and How He improved It. IV.

Price, $1.25 a volume.

Campaign Series.

Complete in Three Volumes--in a Box.


Price, $1.25 per volume.

Luck and Pluck Series.

FIRST SERIES, Complete in Four Volumes--in a Box,

I. LUCK AND PLUCK; or, John Oakley's Inheritance. II. SINK OR SWIM; or Harry Raymond's Resolve. III. STRONG AND STEADY; or, Paddle your own Canoe. IV. STRIVE AND SUCCEED; or, The Progress of Walter Conrad.

Price, $1,50 per volume.

SECOND SERIES, Complete in Four Volumes--in a Box,

I. TRY AND TRUST; or, The Story of a Bound Boy. II. BOUND TO RISE; or, How Harry Walton rose in the World. III. RISEN FROM THE RANKS; or, Harry Walton's Success. IV. HERBERT CARTER'S LEGACY; or, the Inventor's Son.

Price, $1.50 per volume.

Brave and Bold Series.

To be completed in four Volumes.

I. BRAVE AND BOLD; or, The Story of a Factory Boy. II. JACK'S WARD: or, The Boy Guardian. III. SHIFTING FOR HIMSELF.

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