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Zuñi Fetiches by Frank Hamilton Cushing

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Zuni philosophy 9 Worship of animals 11 Origin of Zuni Fetichism 12 The Zuni Iliad 12 The Drying of the World 13 Power of the Fetiches 15 Prey Gods of the Six Regions 16 Their origin 16 Po-shai-a[n,]-k'ia 16 Their power as mediators 18 Mi-tsi 18 Their worship 19 Prey Gods of the Hunt 20 Their relation to the others 20 Their origin 20 The distribution of the animals 21 Their varieties 24 The Mountain Lion--Hunter God of the North 25 The Coyote--Hunter God of the West 26 The Wild Cat--Hunter God of the South 27 The Wolf--Hunter God of the East 28 The Eagle--Hunter God of the Upper Regions 29 The Mole--Hunter God of the Lower Regions 30 The Ground Owl and the Falcon 30 Their relative values 30 Their custodian 31 The rites of their worship 32 The Day of the Council of the Fetiches 32 Ceremonials of the hunt 33 Their power 39 Prey Gods of the Priesthood of the Bow 40 The Knife-Feathered Monster, the Mountain Lion, and the Great White Bear 40 Their resemblance to the Prey Gods of the Hunt 41 The rites of their worship 41 Other Fetiches 44 Fetiches of Navajo origin 44 The pony 44 The sheep 44 Amulets and charms 44


Plate I.--Prey God fetiches 12 II.--Prey God fetiches of the Six Regions 16 III.--Prey God fetiches of the hunt 20 IV.--Mountain Lion fetiches of the chase 24 V.--Coyote fetiches of the chase 26 VI.--Wild Cat fetiches of the chase 27 VII.--Wolf fetiches of the chase 28 VIII.--Eagle fetiches of the chase 29 IX.--Mole and Ground Owl fetiches 30 X.--Shield and fetich of the Priesthood of the Bow 40 XI.--Shield and fetich of the Priesthood of the Bow 40

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